Sai's Vietnamese Restaurant

Here’s Where Sai’s Vietnamese Restaurant Is Headed After Leaving the FiDi

May 24, 2023

It was unclear if Sai’s Vietnamese would make the leap to a new lease. Now, the family-run business will move to 42 Columbus Avenue.

Ocean Cyclery

Ocean Cyclery: The Neighborhood Bike Shop That Does It All

May 10, 2023

Through meticulous bike repairs and services, the Ingleside mainstay has upheld the city’s biking culture. Here’s the Legacy Business’s story.

Tommaso's Ristorante Italiano

One of SF’s Oldest Italian Eateries Prepares To Pass the Torch

April 10, 2023

Who will take over Tommaso’s Ristorante Italiano in North Beach?

La Mejor Bakery

The Mission’s La Mejor Bakery earns Legacy Business title

April 6, 2023

This year, La Mejor bakery celebrates 30 years of serving pan dulce in the Mission and is now recognized by the city as a Legacy Business. Its owner,

Paxton Gate

Peek Inside This SF Boutique Selling Taxidermy, Butterflies and Bones

March 17, 2023

You'll find oddities like a fetal sloth within Paxton Gate’s four walls.

Buena Vista Cafe

Buena Vista Cafe and the Irish coffee of legend

March 16, 2023

The pandemic slowed Buena Vista down mightily, but they’ve roared to full throttle now, with the bartenders making many Irish coffees.

Tony Nik’s Café

From Prohibition-Era Laundry to Kamala Harris Hangout, SF Recognizes This Historic Bar

March 2, 2023

The local watering hole has one of the oldest neon signs in the neighborhood.

Mr. Bing’s Cocktail Lounge

One of Anthony Bourdain’s Favorite SF Bars Recognized by Historic Preservation Committee

February 15, 2023

This divey Chinatown watering hole has been beloved by tourists and locals alike for 56 years.

Pop's Bar

San Francisco's Pop’s sparks debate over the term 'dive bar'

February 10, 2023

"It’s impossible to unequivocally define what a dive bar is."

House of Nanking

San Francisco's newest celebrity chef Kathy Fang represents Chinese cuisine on reality show

February 6, 2023

A local chef with roots in San Francisco's Chinatown is enjoying a higher profile these days thanks to a her starring turn in a new reality show.


The Little Known Queer History of San Francisco's Uptown

January 27, 2023

We began a tradition of bowing to each other. Back when I started working Monday comedy nights at the Rite Spot, it became a regular habit to stop off at the Uptown on my way via the train from Oakland. Like many long time bartenders, my morning is primarily spent


How San Francisco's middle-class dive bar Zeitgeist has survived for 4 decades

January 3, 2023

This Mission mainstay's notoriously grumpy bar staff smile more these days.

Faxon Garage

Faxon Garage Keeps Customers Coming Back With Quality Care

January 3, 2023

The staff take pride in every repair made.

The Condor

The Condor becomes San Francisco's first legacy strip club business

December 20, 2022

Since 1958, the North Beach club has pushed entertainment boundaries.

Biordi Art Imports

San Francisco store sees surge in interest for 'White Lotus' ceramic heads

December 15, 2022

The beautiful, haunting noggins feature heavily in the second season.

Li Po Lounge

This Chinatown Dive Bar Is Famous for Its Mai Tai. That’s Why It Trademarked the Secret Recipe.

November 2, 2022

The owners of legendary Chinatown dive Li Po Lounge aren’t giving up the secret recipe for the Chinese Mai Tai